Support for NY Carbon Reduction Projects

I support the Danskammer Energy combined cycle natural gas plant (CCGT) addition.  It is consistent with a multi-pronged approach in the region to reduce carbon emissions in the quickest way possible with existing currently available technology and infrastructure.

I support upstate energy development projects (including wind and solar) as well as grid enhancement and the arguments against high efficiency CCGTs, such as Danskammer, ignore that “fracked” gas from Pennsylvania will not be reduced, it will just arrive as electricity from CCGTs in Pennsylvania & New Jersey.  It [natural gas] will also be exported as LNG – Liquefied Natural Gas to other countries, so they can tackle their “coal problems”, while we have equal if not greater “coal problems” here in the US and especially neighboring states to our south and west.

Let’s build all the wind and solar we can, but let’s not forget we are fighting high carbon emissions, and the next “low hanging fruit” on our list is personal transportation (cars) and home heating [oil & natural gas – arriving by old, leaky NG distribution systems], where we will need far more electricity generated than we currently produce.

NG CCGT’s also dramatically reduce Nitrogen & Sulphur Oxides (NOx & SOx) emissions in the local host communities, especially when they replace NY, NJ & New England’s far dirtier and less efficient “dual fuel” steam plants running on natural gas and dirty fuel oils.

The environmental benefits of building Danskammer, achievable now, far outweigh delays waiting for the preferred energy projects to be deployed.  It also helps share the burden of reducing NY’s fossil fuel emissions across the entire state, not just in upstate or out of state or out of country – yes Ontario & Quebec’s hydroelectric & nuclear help NY & New England out immensely.

Hans Hyde – tireless advocate for upstate RE projects and long ago recipient of a downstate NIMBY coal plant – Somerset 

Lockport, NY

NYS Department of Public Service – Matter 18-F-0325


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