An Open Letter to EPRI – Electric Power Research Institute



[Note 17 April 2019 at 5pm:

Through every manner possible to gain “permission” to attend this event; including the below mentioned efforts; attempts to contact presentors through other means, “calling in favors” from respected energy professionals throughout North America; and finally showing up at the event itself – to see a beautiful exhibition space, sparcely occupied, I was still not allowed entrance to the “collaborative meeting” by EPRI’s Patti Gordon, Senior Administrative Assistant for Generation Sector, herself.

This included a brief, pleasant conversion with Western Area Power Administration‘s EVP & COO Kevin Howard on the walk in – where we both lived/worked in similar places before Colorado & California in the same industries – and only 10 hours before I was defending an existing pumped storage proposal in WAPA’s territory (Big Chino Valley) against the “solar+storage mania” this event was supposed to be about… albeit extremely ackward for myself, knowing I might have to “make a scene” to gain entry…. for absolutely no reason.

Whatever, EPRI’s motivations for denying my access… under no pressional circumstance was it justified or warranted.

And the misappropriated valuing of titles/credentials over experience/knowledge as discussed here in Bryce Johanneck’s Guest Blog, has proven itself appropriate to our true collaborative offerings in our energy transition.

So, a personal/professional thank you to EPRI – mission accomplished (whatever exactly that was), networking and collaboration [regardless what value or lack thereof I had to offer] was denied.  

Any opportunity I have in the future to professionally and publicly shame EPRI for completed disregard to professionalism or collaboration – it is not I who bares the responsibility for this unexceptable outcome.




April 10, 2019

Dear Ms. Megan Nesbitt,

I writing to you regarding the EPRIHydropower Flexibility” collaborative meeting on April 17th in Lewiston, NY.  The event promotion states the following –

“At our Hydropower Flexibility collaborative meeting on April 17, you will have the opportunity to learn and discuss:

  • Impacts on equipment from flexible operations
  • Hear from a government panel about their perspective on hydropower flexibility
  • The place of hydropower in the energy markets
  • How new builds are approached”

Key words here… collaborative meeting.

I attempted to contact you through LinkedIn approximately 2 weeks ago as I promoted the event to my network/colleagues who understand the importance of hydro, pumped storage and US/Canadian long-running relationships along the entirety of our shared border.

I have been an tireless advocate for hydro/pumped storage in the US as part of our energy transition, as well as bringing awareness to the importance of Canadian efforts to these ends, while the US – especially the Northeast (forgets/is unaware) of our existing facilities and bi-national relationships during our “energy transition.”

“The one bright spot I see in the Eastern 30, existing pumped hydro capacity at 16,500 MW. This could nearly offset the bulk single cycle “peaker” production in Megawatt-hours, although not by instantaneous capacity, Megawatts by itself over the year.

In order for the Eastern 30 to realize the environmental benefits of its existing pumped storage fleet, it would require surplus no/low carbon “renewable energy” production from wind and solar. Unlocking a “dual daily cycle” utilization regime for pumped storage, and displacing its current charging by “filling the trough” backup for non-ramping nuclear and coal plants (or Canadian imports of hydroelectricity), would require far less chemical battery deployment from a bulk storage perspective, while filling their associated role in offsetting NOx production in dense urban centers from natural gas “peakers”.”

~ Hard Truths: Past Decade – Eastern US Renewable Energy Efforts Deliver Meddiocre Results 

I am not requesting favoritism, a hand-out or anything else, simply access to this event given its importance as well as its needed promotion, especially within the US where Pumped Storage project proposals across the US have been shelved, put on the backburner over the past decade and will see further pressures against them with current battery storage “mania” in the energy space media outlets.

I have tirelessly promoted existing pumped storage, virtual delayed hydro generation [Canada or Norway] and existing PS for the past 5 years not only in the US, but also in Southern Africa and Australia, and how this is an important flexibility asset currently underutilized in our energy transition efforts.

The following is a short list of industry leaders across the US-Canadian energy spectrum whom would like to see me attend this event and promote/publish the knowledge sharing that occurs.

[Edit 17 April 2019 at 6pm – names removed by Hans]

  • xxxx – (Quebec);
  • xxxx – (Ottawa/Montreal);
  • xxxx – “Transition VPP Company” (British Columbia);
  • xxxx – “Gas Transmission”  (Saskatchewan);
  • xxxx – “Major RE Developer” – Public Engagement Manager;
  • xxxx – NYPA (New York) and,
  • xxxx – National Grid (New York)

I received several responses from Patti Gordon, Senior Administrative Assistant for Generation Sector- EPRI yesterday regarding my requests.

I already reached out to my managers and was not able to secure you a spot.

And, “Unfortunately, we have reached our capacity for this meeting and are not accepting any further registrations for this meeting.

I am requesting you would reconsider this decision [if it was yours] and considering my previous attempts to contact you; promotion of the event and clear interest in participating prior to the event having “filled up”.

Sincerely and in appreciation of your [re]consideration,

Hans Hyde


[author’s note – posting open letters to draw attention simply to get a response, is not my perferred professional choice.  But no responses or consideration for non-extraordinary requests is unacceptable for an event billed as a “collaborative meeting” is professionally unacceptable.  On Sunday past, I crossed borders simply to expand collaborative understanding on our energy challenges, reporting on current economic conditions in rural Ontario for the benefit of rural New Yorkers facing similar uncertainty as posted openly here.

How is a request simply to participate, offer value and help promote this needed understanding about how hydropower contributes to our current energy needs and transition, so easily ignored or denied outright?  

What’s the last resort – showing up at the door on the morning of the event, respectfully requesting admission?  

Then what, if I am denied this simple professional and industry courtesy – forced into ‘making a scene’, that looks good neither for myself or EPRI, that never needed to happen in the first place?]

[Note 17 April 2019: What did I do? Politely left, where I was clearly made to feel unwelcomed, and went exploring our Energy Treasures, of course!]


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