Energy Companies of the Future & A Rare Opportunity

Energy Companies of the Future

Originally I wrote an article titled “Oil, Tar Sands, Coal, Natural Gas & The “Energy Hydras” in August 2015, to detail what was coming… “Energy Companies of the Future“.  I would “beat out” by several years a future designation – Black Swan” after-the-fact recognition, and something that recently entered our lexicon of knowlegdge by Shayle Kann & Steven Lacey on GreenTech Media‘s February 5th episode of The Interchange.

I called them, Energy Companies of the Future, something out of our mythological history, “Energy Hydras“.  We had no other frame of reference to guide us otherwise – other than the Super Majors of Oil & Gas – which would notsell” in our “Renewable Energy Frenzy” mass media, then or now.  I completely blew SEO – Search Engine Optimization and Professional-Self Marketing 101 by a million miles when I published it – long-form, 2000+ words it required, of course!

That, lack of professional/personal obscurity in our Energy Transition space, and few eye-balls reading it, did however – “protect” my Intellectual Capital.  On the flip-side, it never delivered any offers or opened any doors into future, paying collaborations over the following years.

On the electric sector side, I was looking at Nextera Energy in the US to venture more into large scale Natural Gas.  But, they were retracting from their South American markets – and would hit regulatory barriers in both Texas (Oncor acquisition) and Hawaii (FSRUs & subsea HVDC interconnections with HECO).

Contrary to most – “Keep It In The Ground” believers, I had assembled a lot of “eggs” from being inside the Oil Patch, and was “fingers crossed” that it would be US Super Major ExxonMobil to take up this challenge from the US – especially given the real needs of US Offshore Wind – support and leadership from the GOM Offshore Services industry.

I had excluded Royal Dutch Shell from my eligible candidates list, simply because their presence in the US is very limited domestically,  and Norwegian Statoil backed by its $1 Trillion SWF – Soverign Wealth Fund, and Danish DONG with its ties to Vestas – (which I tried to visit in 2014) – appeared in my perspective, far more promising.

I was pulling for “The Americans” to carry out my dream – Energy Web Global Initiative on a global scale, with the backing of our IOU/IOCs, good for our domestic economy & the “salt of the earth” like me, while pursuing everything overseas – knowing largely “Us Americans” & our IOU/IOCs were not interested in leadership roles in the geographic regions that interested me most – namely Southern Africa.

I could care less about SunEdison’s implosion from a domestic US perspective, as IMHO they dove head first into the volatile “residential solar rooftop” market – a land of multi-generations with Cheap Energy Abundance. However, it crushed not only me, but the “Emerging World“; all their efforts there and the vibrant, energetic, knowledge-thirsty communities that know intimately what… Energy Scarcity actually means!

Thus I “missed” the call on Royal Dutch Shell as… Thee “Energy Company of the Future.” But only because RDS didn’t make it into the list of “American” companies and, more importantly – the US workers I was advocating for unconditionally.  As well as, they were just as unlikely as the US Interests, to open up a US/Canadian domestic LNG supply chain to combat “our coal problem“, not the “world’s coal problem“, and most importantly to address increasing flaring of associated natural gas!

The last of which, from a US-based & focused perspective, continues to be The Challenge requiring a Cross-Sector Solution.  It is the driver of all my articles; communications on LinkedIn; and some may say my “screaming” over the trivializing/underappreciation and downright – hatred by some groups, of the IOU/IOCs and Infrastructure Network resources, we need to overcome these monumental challenges through “All of the Above” thinking, collaboration and strategizing in our energy transition space.

Here is the article in its entirety under its original name… Oil, Tar Sands, Coal, Natural Gas & The “Energy Hydras from August 6th, 2015.

P.S. I’m in the process of moving the original to my professional website that didn’t exist back in 2015 while I was writing about my personal/professional overlaps into the single commonality of… energy.

A Rare Opportunity

Out of strategic necessity and similar passions, (someone not named publicly) & I have teamed our industry experiences, Intellectual Capital, ane professional aspirations to offer a unique opportunity to daring Energy Companies of the Future.

We are open to opportunities at the “Grid-Edge” and/or our “Energy Infrastructure Nexus” – both of which enables our world to exist and for us to live in the luxuries we have become accustomed.

~Hans. 18 April 2019 (NY)

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