The Barriers to Inclusion & Accessibility… Must Stop!

Wir müssen zusammenarbeiten!

We must work together!

Image | Ciril Jazbec – Quote | Hans Hyde

(Don’t shoot the messenger for delivering the unwelcome message – I know, I should have used “Inuit” but that’s not the original wording of the phrase.  Hydrogen of course, is a metaphor for “the perfect technology or solution” that dominates our thinking in the Energy Transition Space.)


A prelude on German vs. “American” professional expectations…

The beauty of the German language and the German Culture that respectfully, albeit absolutely demands adherence to “German“; is its direct [brutal] honesty.

This is the expectations of ALL business discussions and professional interactions in Germany. It underlies generations like mine & older in social settings too, although it is waning some amongst the youth.

None of this “Small Talk” that dominates and is expected within professional settings in the US.  And, the truth to be told, German society as whole … simply do not understand Americans’ fascination and dependence upon it – “Small Talk“.

Small Talk” – an actual adopted [American] English word is the direct word used in German – no translation needed/required. It’s not exactly a mocking of Americans, but it’s not a compliment either.

If I could have only spoke German, not just understand, read and write it after a year of constant study….

Ah the rub… native fluency¹ Germans speak and write two grammatically different versions of German, it can’t be “studied“!

And I absolutely love the clarity within the verbs; Konnen, Sollen and Mussen – Can/Could, Shall/Should and Will/Must!




So, auf Deutche…

Ich brauche ein System zur Unterstützung der Unternehmensorganisation!

Ich kann mein intellektuelles Kapital nicht für null Renditen weitergeben.

Internet-Technologie-barrieren; Betriebssystemsperren; Elfenbeinturm-Mitgliedschaftsbarrieren; Alters- / Staatsangehörigkeitsbarrieren; Sprachbarrieren; Energietechnische Tribalismusbarrieren; Geographische und gesellschaftliche Gruppenhindernisse; Die Liste geht weiter …

Und dies waren die unüberwindlichen Herausforderungen, die über fünf Jahre hinweg auf drei Kontinenten mit über 500.000 US-Dollar in Cash- oder Opportunitätskosten übertreffen konnten.

Es muss aufhören!


Lake Turkana, Africa – Hans Hyde circa 2008

Deep in a personal quest to overcome human & cultural barriers through understanding.



Und… the non-Google Translate version…

“I need a Company or Organization [Actual/Existing] to support me [my Vision, Ambitions, Selflessly Giving to Our Combined Climate & Energy Challenges]!

I can not keep giving away my Intellectual Capital for zero returns – [appreciation, acceptance, active participation within, inclusion, financial compensation].

Internet technology barriers; Computer Operating System barriers; “Ivory Tower” membership barriers; Age / Citizenship barriers; Language barriers; Energy technology tribalism barriers; Geographical and societal group-think barriers; The list goes on …

And these ARE the insurmountable challenges I have faced [and attempted to smash] over five years on three different continents [five actually – Australia & South America too] I have invested over $500,000 in cash or opportunity costs.

Simply for …

Inclusion within and accessibility to resources – humanity’s amazing potential to achieve objectives larger than themselves.

It must to stop!”

castles in the air thoreau

Hans Hyde – Circa 2015



Sentiments on accessibility, inclusion, “expediency over inquiry“, societal norms & professional thinking in our current energy transition space as expressed by my Kindred Spirit, Bryce Johanneck, are worth every reader’s time.

They are in response to Environmental Champion, Gus Speth’s perspective on scientists’ Real Challenge in our transition, and they are both available here.


You may also be interested in what Bryce & I are offering, while collaboratively fighting together all of the above barriers – that we recognize are larger than either of us, here.



¹ – Born to a German mother in the early 1970s or prior, “Dual Citizenship” [DC] was not an option, ever.  Children of German fathers were automatically granted DC, as were children of either paternal gender after January 1, 1975.

This “non-option” for me, born 8 months “too early” was changed in German Law in the early 2010s, but with conditions.  First on the “Conditions List“, which in German society is an absolute must, C1 Level German fluency (basically Native Speaker ability).

Economic Immigrants to the US post World War II, particularly from Germany & Austria, had one rule – “German is not to be spoken outside the house!”  Needless to say, by my birth and throughout my life, I never heard one sentence in German, let alone occasional words.

Found in a Google search of my name, under “Images” - not 3 days after I was denied the 3rd time an opportunity to come to said US RE Developers office for an interview/discussion.

Recent ‘Fan Art’ I found online of me, from local ‘grown adults’ I have battled against as the unpaid ‘pitbull’ for a major US Renewable Energy Company – whom has denied my attempts 3 times to come to their corporate office at my expense, to discuss an outcome face-to-face how we can work together, including compensation moving forwards on over 1000 hours I have given them for free on at least 3 of their projects.

My mother [not “Mutter”] and my “Oma” and “Opa” [the only two words I knew] are still to this day, Permanent Residents of the US with German Passports.

To access Southern Africa, as a Plan B to previous efforts (Namibian Homeland Affairs were not real welcoming American, especially those without a major IOC backing them, or [German ethnicity]) was as a German Citizen.  Thus, being a “Native German” was a “must” not only for me, but also the German Authorities – who don’t recognize “shades of gray” nor offer compromises; i.e., “language school / part-time work” Residency Visas.

Not surprisingly, German Language Schools do NOT recognize the importance of Mother Language in Target Language Learning, thus any English used must be the Student[s] “messing around, chit-chatting or anything but… trying to actually learn“.

Hence, the year I spent in Germany – April 2017 to March 2018 – studying a language that’s near impossible to learn, and unable to seek any employment as part of my Residency Status, did what I could, such as assisting with the project – trying to get the US on the map (of carbon emissions transparency).

EM Parser Calculations - Control 1 - Rates & Emissions

Extensive modeling using “Big Data” to validate platform assumptions, particularlly those in the US with “murky” data transparency & accessibility, a 21st Century “gas plant” fleet, and non-state border deliniated geographies – every ISO/RTO except for New York.  Transparency within the US will only come from access to the 100+ Balancing Authorities – real time data streams, which is likely to happen – never.

² – Thanks to the “Nuclear Pep Squad” (NPS) for reminding me in a Twitter silos-only discussion of academic, organizational, non-viral-ability, or ‘just some guy’ exclusion from COP23 in Bonn, Germany where I was living.  Forgot about that, too busy watching in from 3 kilometers away all the NPS Tweets, Videos & Marketing of their “exclusion” from within the Conference itself!

³ – Arbitrary exclusion from an event billed “collaborative” by Electric Power Research Insititute on Hydropower Flexibility 30 minutes from my current resident in Western New York at NYPA’s Niagara Power Project, where alternating current (AC) all started.

Adams Street Powerhouse - Where AC Power Started

The Tesla/Westinghouse Adams Street Hydro Powerhouse – Where America’s Alternating Current Electric Grid All Started. Sadly, today this gem of energy history is neither protected, preserved or very well known – not far from Niagara Falls itself, it is in the middle of Niagara County’s Industrial Decline Region… not far from infamous Love Canal actually.

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