[photo | Ciril Jazbec – Quote | Hans Hyde]

DO NOT Reproduce WITHOUT either of these (especially the photographer’s) ATTRIBUTIONS!


Here are the stakes people!

We are “trying to save the fucking planet” from OUR – inherent human tendencies – SELVES, that have been running amok for nearly a Century in the Western World – The US, Australia, Europe, Japan & Canada.

Some of us are trying to do much better, make amends, try to right this mess we have made for the entire world. Some of us are not doing nearly as much as we can.

Don’t shoot the messengers!  

If you don’t get the metaphor or your “PC Panties get up in a bunches” over my specific use of a 20th Century demeaning phrase/word – ‘Eskimo'”, maybe it is not me you should be questioning/outraged at, but maybe it is …. yourself.

Thankfully, most of you here [my curated LinkedIn network] will neither be offended, nor outraged.

My Curated LinkedIn Network – If you ever wondered why I sought you out, or asked you to participate within [formal or informal] projects, such as Energy Web Global [Initiative], it was because and make no mistakes about it, I saw both strengths and weaknesses not only within myself, but you [and everyone within my Network] also.  

I was attempting to pair [your/my] strengths with [your/my] weaknesses… to orchastrate [through my ideation] our collective abilities to do something much larger than any one of us… on our/my own.

The quote within this post [with the explicative] is not mine, but it is one I share unconditionally.

And finally, decades later than I wished for…

we have the technology and the know-how

so, we can largely do this through competitive, market-based forces – but,

We also need to re-examine some critical underlying “standards” that we have forgotten to address along the way.


[Author’s Note – Still in the creation process.]


¹ – Hydrogen is a horrible energy carrier.  We can’t just will or wish real, real hard for physics to change itself.  No matter what, at some point ‘hydrogen’ must touch a vessel, a pipe or a wire, at least once. And at every ‘touch’ its conversion &/or ‘propulsion’ loses more energy than every other alternative.  But we can market the f*ck out of it hoping someone will buy it anyways…. because there is always ‘another bigger idiot’, until there isn’t.  The “termination of always” in this case is carbon, climate change, and the acceleration of extreme “weather” volatily we are seeing/witnessing on daily baises around the world.

² – Another bigger idiot‘ is the underlying premise of “The Big Short” – the recount of the 2007/2008 Housing Market Collapse.  Others have applied it to the US “Oil Patch”, not only in 2014/15 when energy markets collapsed and hundreds of drill rigs filled “laydown yards”, but other “busts” prior and currently.  I have also applied it to US “distributed solar [rooftop] PV”, since roughly 2010, and every regional “Solar Rollercoaster” since.  And, why every attempt to reform blunt force regulatory mechanisms to “integrate” this technology in this “specific” application based on its technological merits have hit the wall of “Keep Retail Rate Net Electric Metering Forever” populous opposition.


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