Challenges & Sacrifices of Being A Disruptor

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What is my new LinkedIn Profile picture?

The short answer, my [failed] attempts to disrupt the lethargy of thinking within the Brick-n-Mortal Walls of a Family Owned Company (FOC), whom originally disrupted an entire industry over 40 years – globally!

Save The Awesome.jpg

Whiteboarding – Immediately after an unexpected keelhauling by “My Family”

It is a whiteboard, from almost 6 years ago, of my struggle to save my “Perfect Job” – that provided me #ACCESS to Global IOUs – Investor Owned Utilities, IPPs – Independent Power Producers, IOCs – Investor Owned Companies, Industrials, Data & Communications, Oil Patch Independents, NOCs – National Oil Companies, Municipal Utilities & Electric Cooperatives, Transportation Entities, Global Logistics Giants, etc. – and this was my challenge 6 years ago in Denver, Colorado.

This Family Owned Company (overlooking the Boulder Reservoir) operated in over 70 countries around our world, hard-earned through 40 years of disruption of a global industry working with Ben Franklin’s 200-year-old “standard“, but ours was #Inspired by Nicola #Tesla’s engineering itself!

Our NASA Chief Engineer on the Apollo Moon Landing and Space Shuttle Design Team, Roy B. Carpenter, Jr.¹, who walked away from NASA to disrupt B/TAU – Business & Thinking As Usual of another global industry, passed away in Japan in his 80s Still On The Job, Living his Passion to Disrupt.

Unlike my past 5 years, or that of Nicola Tesla himself, our FOC Founder found a way to commercial one of Tesla’s Crazy Ideas” – US Patent 1,266,175 – and save industries millions, if not billions of dollars every year!

By contrast, Tesla’s new lightning protector is founded on principles diametrically opposite. Its terminal has a large surface. It secures a very low density and preserves the insulating qualities of the ambient medium, thereby minimizing leakage, and thus acting as a quasi-repellant to increase enormously the safety factor.

~Telsa Universe, “The Electrical Experimenter” – October 1918

This was 5 years before I arrived, but plenty of time for Family Successors and Leadership to get Comfortable and Rest On “Their” Past Laurels – I now question how much they really gave over the years – in contrast to the Ambition, Risk and Passion to force Disruption by the Company’s Founder, Mr. Carpenter himself.

Yet, in a Professional or Corporate environment, or while “crossing my fingers” when submitting an application or cover letter to an “expediency versus inquiry” iron wall of Corporate Human Resources departments, I have to carry around Shame & Embarrassment for giving everything to Disrupt my previous Family Owned Company from within its Ivory Tower, Brick-n-Mortal Walls, to bring back the Disruption its Founder brought to an entire Global Industry?!

I left because “Saving The Awesome” was not possible!

I never suspected simple Access to professional conferences, living within a country I desired to help relentlessly, or getting just one break by going “viral on Social Media” would be equally impossible challenges I could never overcome no matter what I invested or was willing to risk; financial, “sweat equity“, or personal sacrifices, simply to bring people across “tribal” divides together and overcome common, basic challenges through collaboration and understanding.

Somewhere to go.PNG


Whiteboarding – HansWorldTravels aka “The Awesome” Fan Art


But that too, I have failed… miserably, originally in Colorado, Europe (the first time – Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Turkiye, Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Germany & Brussels), Colorado again, back to Bulgaria, Colorado then New York, then off to end energy inequality in Namibia & South AfricaSouthern Africa, New York to Colorado to New York (ahhhh), then try Germany (to get back to Africa) and then crawl back to New York – a miserable, tomb of miserable hate-filled people and an Autotown in 40 years of decline.


The Irony, of it all,

I had to hide the personal shame of a DUI², and summon the professional courage to “beg for consideration” during my interview, all other aspects of selling myself to this company aside.

Double the Irony, the actual sunset before my scheduled interview, I was struck while on my mountain bike by a young motorist, in a fancy new Hot Rod, as I crossed a 5 lane intersection into Front Range Community College for professional betterment classes. I was taking French to “become eligible” for MSF – Medicin Sans Frontiers (Doctors Without Borders) in a logistics role, to go to Africa!

Triple the Irony, my dislocated shoulder would potentially require surgery, that too I had to “broach delicately” within the postponed interview 5 days later, as working at heights³ was a requirement also. I couldn’t even lift my arm above my shoulder when I walked in (even though the ER – by ambulance, said there was no damage)… let alone ride my bike to work, if they hired me!

Screenshot (10).png

Whiteboarding – Passive Aggression within “The Walls shortly before executing my strategy to meet our 21st Century Thinking in Texas “Oil Patch


Quadruple the Irony, 4 days later my mother’s husband had a major brain aneurysm. I was on a plane to NY the next day – oh, none of my family knew I had a DUI or could not drive legally (and I am to come back to help my family when they needed me most?!). I signed/agreed to an employment offer, without counter-offer, while in an Intensive Care Unit a day or two later, not knowing if I could rent a car or perform the “basic” necessities of my New Awesome Job?!

Fifth Irony is the Show-Stopper, shoulder surgery scheduled for the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, purposely by me to not miss work, while the “insurance money” from being violently thrown from my mountain bike, finally obtained through Arbitration, that is what I have used to fund my Energy Web Global Initiative efforts and living these past 5 years on 3 Continents… and trust me, my take was not 6-digits in magnitude, two-thirds that “lowest” distinction precisely.

At this point in time, pursuing my passion to proactively and positively to use my “Energy Intelligence to Empower All” to the Nth degree conceivable, I think I have more than paid my dues to entry within the Energy Transition Community, and not be forced to grovel like a beat dog to gain simple Access to Conferences, wear a Corporate Brand Name, or someone else’s Funding to “Save Our F*cking Planet” from Ourselves – especially those of us in the “Rich World“.



¹ – In my early years within “My Family“, having learned a lot about the physics of lightning and Mr. Carpenter’s adaptation of Mr. Tesla’s “crazy idea“, I set out to “correct the conventional wisdom” of lightning and lightning protection on Wikipedia – that was mostly “marketing” for conventional Ben Franklin rods, which had not changed in over 200 years.  Where do you think the phrase “lightning rod issue” came from, to describe a situation/debate that leaves reason, science, data or facts behind.

Needless to say, adding real actual science was not very welcome, but our understanding of lightning, for any Wikipedia reader today, is far more accurate, less BAU conventional wisdom & marketing, courtesy of yours truly – “borealdreams” on Wikipedia after my Chocolate Lab.  One ironic point, I attempted to humbly add a Wiki page for Mr. Carpenter…. I was denied and told Mr. Carpenter was not “notable” enough, yet the Wikipedia Editor who told me, had his own Wikipedia Page – “notable” because he participated within a protest in Berkeley where pepper spray was use, aka Millennial self-aggrandizing their importance in this world.

Sorry, but bitch please!

² – I went 9-months without my privilege to operate a motor vehicle in contrast to 2 years obligation to have a “breathalyzer lock-out” on my vehicle – 0.085 BAC. At the time of the interview, I had 2 months to go, and I did not know if I could rent a vehicle (a necessity of the position I was applying to).

³ – A 12-minute video of how to Access the insides of the energy industry – “some industrial facility in the Southeast US” – the inspiration for the “Fan Art“, and a 2m30s all access view into “some rural American Electric Membership Cooperative“.

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