Over the past 20 years, Hans has focused his attention on energy systems and resource utilization on a global scale, but with a human quality.  He wouldn’t trade this “life-work” balance attainment for anything.


Primary objectives and driving passion;

  • Integrate rapidly with existing organizations, companies or motivated professionals, as “one man is no army“;
  • Multiply our collective team-centric impact in providing scalable, holistic solution sets;
  • Recognize regionally-specific challenges to be overcome; justly, equitably and with a high confidence in their economic viability across all metrics;
  • Reducing our carbon intensity in the quickest manner possible, with enabling technology-neutrality driving our decision processes for optimal, available today, outcomes;
  • Maximizing collaborative, team-oriented impact through the Intellectual Capital he amassed over the past 5 years at a financial cost/donation by himself in excess of $500,000 while pursued selflessly over 3 continents.
  • Full recognition; all efforts, investments & personal sacrifices to build a mission-driven team of fellow colleagues with similar passions to deliver collective impact – the motivations behind the Energy Web Global Initiative – are not working.

A visually stunning exhibition, through Hans’ camera lens (providing 25 years of “vicarious living opportunities” to friends, family and colleagues alike) of my energy-centric career can be experienced here.

Hans is currently based in New York (new energy & technology innovation wasteland), with no reservations to relocation (digital workspaces or brick-n-mortar offices) and high travel frequecy is a valued “perk“.

Hans’ current efforts/ambitions and professional needs are specified here.


Unique Opportunity for the Right Organization

(Someone whom cannot be named publicly at this time due to current professional developments) and Hans are actively pursuing all opportunities to integrate their dynamic, collaborative and complimentary value-added expertise as a “joint package” to any interested organizations.

They are open to all serious inquiries, recruitment &/or offers, from VC grade Start-ups to Small/Mid-Cap Companies or Organizations to daring global Energy Transition focused IOC/IOUs.

They are “OGE – Original Grid Edge“!

(Same person), orignally a bootstrapping Journeyman Lineman in “flyover country” for an Electric Cooperative in North Dakota and Hans, starting his career as a Utility Forester in the most dynamic grid-edge environment in the world – California.

Their commonality;

  • always promoting the [underappreciated] value in our trades-people  at the grid-edge and their hard-earned Intellectual Capital;
  • the face-to-face importance of utility-customer relationships;
  • and of utmost need, “speaking for those that cannot” – our infrastructure networks themselves and their criticality in our energy transition.

They both share the following sentiments on the current state of knowledge sharing and compensation/accolades/professional opportunities within the energy transition space as summarized by (Same person)‘s Guest Post on the current challenges of assessibility and actual collaboration.

If you wish to contact either Hans or (Same Person), please intiate a message/connection request on LinkedIn. We can provide direct contact options (phone/email) for serious inquires and to further direct communications.


Professional Network Nuts & Bolts

Hans welcome all new connection requests, especially those from all energy sectors around the world, and he’s value the LinkedIn “Network he has created over the past 5 years as part of his Energy Web Global Initiative.

If you haven’t seen the results of these collaborations, please check out the Pulse on Our Energ Landscape section.  To see what Hans’ respected network of energy professionals are saying about him, check out “References“.


Energy Intelligence to Empower All!