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If you are looking for “boxes” to check in my profile, you are wasting my time and yours.


What I offer to your organization, has been acquired over 20 years in our energy industry around the world – and has no official credentials, perfect degrees (a BPS – ES&P plus 2 years additional) or past employer references, but 15 years of customers &/or colleages recommendations are available.

What I have sacrificed in the past 5 years in challenging myself facilitate an organization of global energy professionals, through direct efforts and personal/professional risks taken in North America, Europe and Africa – to never been offered a chance, let alone 30 minute face-to-face conversation to better understand what we can accomplish together… is unmatched, not only within the energy industry, but quite possibly the world.

That is not my ego talking!

That is me, for once in my life, putting myself first, everyone else second – as I have given, supported, offered my assistance, promoted incessently, many major companies in our energy transition, thousands of hours over 5 years, maybe tens thousands actually, and never once asked for anything more than the opportunity to be included within your organization. And that has never happened – and sadly, recently NOT even being able to meet face-to-face for 3o minutes at my expense.

If you are in Human Resources or C-Level Organizational Management, think about that for 5 seconds, and ask yourself… “How long would I have pursued my passion for, giving so much to everyone and our common cause, and never recieved a nickel, let alone a “Thank You very much“?

I am very clear in the following article what I am looking for and what I have sacrificed on all levels to get it. I hope it is within your ability to take the 5 minutes required to read it…

The Barriers to Inclusion & Accessiblity – Must Stop

Thank you for taking a few minutes of your time inquire deeply who I am and what opportunities I represent to your organization – simply being included from within.

Within sincerest regards,



My In-depth, Global Deep Dives are found in Pulses on Our Energy Landscape, with earlier works on my personal blog, which in all reality was an global energy blog, called HansWorldTravels.

A visually stunning tour around the world of my energy endeavors and achievements through 20 years of photography, can be experienced through my eyes and words here –

I share my experiences with friends and family on Instagram/HansWorldTravels.

Facts are Facts, I am selective in organizations I am desire to be an active, fully engaged, dynamic, future-forwards looking participant within.  I can them “Energy Companies of the Future“, and I have been tracking their transformations intensely over the past decade.  More likely than not, I could never identify a defined offering, however I was always interested finding a mentor within.

References and Testimonials from energy professional whom know me well can be found here.

I have few reservation as to where I am based, but I am do favor stark, vibrant, sunny and dry environments – add some warm water, I’m there!