BTS References

Hans said he would perform whatever work we requested, but that in his opinion nothing needed to be done.

Sarah Friedel, 5/18/2007

Hans was dropping large section of trunk into a 3-foot by 3-foot “drop zone” with uncanny accuracy.

James Hernandez, 8/25/2006

This man is a true professional. High integrity. Outstanding customer service. Excellent work. Hans was very patient and helpful taking a lot of his time to answer all of my questions.

Elena Rohan, 3/31/2008

He also shared his experience and knowledge with me that allowed me to make a confident decision…

Shannon Grady, 9/19/2006

Hans was honest and very professional.

Hope Lizotte, 2/26/2007

Hans was excellent about doing exactly what he said and documented. I would strongly recommend his work.

Mark Prey, 10/28/2005

I called Boreal [Tree Service] because I wanted the best for my tree, and I am thrilled with the results! … I had the best arborist in the city work on my tree.

Jory Thomas, 10/26/2006

I am sure we are many who praise Hans’ work. He is a professional. You should see him when he is in the treetop. I am sure he is in his element. We are very happy with the work he did. More than happy. We would highly recommend him to anyone who loves their trees. He did even more than was required from him.  That is something you don’t see anymore these days.

Gerdie van Beast, 8/2/2006

This is one of the better experiences I’ve had with a contractor. Very prompt and professional. Highly recommended.

Mark Proia, 5/19/2005

This was my first time removing trees and I had lots of questions, which Hans was extremely professional and thorough about answering. He also provided advice, including some that may save us a lot of money down the road.

Clay Cooper, 6/29/2007

Hans provided a comprehensive assessment and concluded that no work should be performed at this time. He took all this time to help us understand our situation without expecting any compensation.

Christine Arnerich, 9/29/2006