Energy Web Global Initiative

“Energy Intelligence to Empower All”

Energy Web Global Initiative is focused on establishing a networking framework to facilitate mid-scale, “all of the above” technologies with evolving financial models to forge intelligently integrated sustainable energy delivery systems during a period of improbable uncertainties on a global scale.

Energy Web Global Initiative is an all-encompassing concept; to bridge existing barriers between the individual, financial, governmental, industrial and societal organizations, all of whom desire energy security and the economic growth potential it empowers from the smallest person to the largest of global corporations, its employees and the national leaders desiring to complete this cycle full-circle.
Energy Web Global Initiative aspires to transgress seemingly overwhelming barriers; de facto knowledge insecurities, which exists in developing and emerging nations, from the individual to the national leadership levels, which continue the deployment of traditionally recommended Mega projects that have fallen short on delivery of their initial and repeated promises of “one-off” solutions to realize energy and economic security within the scale of a country’s borders.
Energy Web Global Initiative‘s solution – not the “one-off” variety of the past; understanding the complexities of the mechanisms at play within a global context, which unto themselves cannot be changed directly, but rather with the intelligence and wisdom gained, facilitate the disruptive elements, likewise unchangeable, to evolve these systems towards supporting mid-scale financial, societal, industrial, governmental and individual desires for sustainable economic and energy security goals across all levels of integrated involvement.
Energy Web Global Initiative‘s purpose; facilitating the knowledge sharing and networking capacity required to orchestrate this extremely complex process of achieving economic and energy security through prudence, wisdom, communication, disruption, intelligent integration, adaptability and hindsight.
Energy – that which empowers us on the human to planetary levels.
Web – the networks which we require across the physical and the emotional realities of our all-inclusive understanding of “energy“.
Global – the “Pale Blue Dot” we call home and the only one we have.
Initiative – our collaborative passion to convert dreams into impactful outcomes.

[Note – 15 April 2019: EWGI, formerly called EWG, was a creation of Hans from over 20 years of travel, globe-trotting, loving his profession and the people he interacted with daily, cultural histories, energy systems, and desire to not only share lessons learned, but also enable those around him to achieve their regionally inspired dreams empowered by energy intelligence.  

It was, then, as it has continued to be all along, powered by Hans’ passion for energy and people, and a production of his Ideation threading a needle through the haystack of our global community and the energy systems they require [or desire] to better their lives.  

It originally formed in early 2016, assembled a Steering Committee, pre-secured a line of seed capital [outside that provided by Hans], but ultimately succumbed mainly to technological challenges & steep learning curves in Social Media, Media Creation, C-Level Business Experience, and difficulties engaging participants from around the world within a “digital workspace” – relatively new at that time, and disbanded as a formal organization.]