About Bryce Johanneck

Strategic | Responsibility | Consistency | Achiever | Maximizer

Largely self taught via research and human connection, with passion for sustainable electricity as my driving motivation. Fortunate to have been raised with a focus on interest based learning and curiosity in lieu of rudimentary emphasis on procedural study.

Currently focusing on grid edge innovation that will help scale wind/solar/hydro and distributed generation. Broad electric operations/electrical theory background working to create tomorrow’s solutions.

Presently responsible for AMI functionality/data integrity, and striving to move utility processes into the 21st century. Working to advance business cases that make sense for those connected to the grid.

The tools that we develop have the potential to minimize storage requirements while maximizing intermittent wind/solar/hydro. Open to new connections, let’s discuss maprocon.

Bryce’s LinkedIn Profile can be seen here or a unique offering here.