Article Excerpts 1

Selected excerpts from articles published by Hans.

Impacts of Legacy Energy Project Financing Continuation In The Emerging World

Excerpt – “Unfortunately, as “shortsightedness” of global financial houses becomes more acute to these [energy technology] transitioning realities, more “capital export” coal & large hydro, nuclear even, projects will be pushed on the developing/emerging world. Knowledge is power, holding it [new legacy energy projects] back, even more powerful.

South Africa’s Base Load Addiction, June 2015

Excerpt – “Regardless the industrial, commercial and residential mixture of demand the world around, no electrical system plans around a straight line for electricity needs. Wheeling electrons to neighboring countries through the Southern Africa Power Partnership (SAPP) transmission system will not benefit South Africa either. No national economy can operate and grow on intermittent supply. What good would Eskom’s oversupply in the night time do for Botswana, Namibia, Zambia or Mozambique, if they cannot match it during the daytime on their own?

Carbon Intensity Versus The Cost Escalation-Savings Disconnections

Excerpt – “When we talk about energy, there are present two competing primary foci; carbon/energy intensity and the rhetoric of profit versus savings. The former, can be discussed with hard facts and numbers when we look at local scenarios and trends when we make considerations from a macroscopic perspective of the world.  The latter enters the soft sciences of human and individual desires, communications and unfortunately ideological leanings.  My experience with the latter also tells me to shy away at all costs, whether it is politics, religion or climate change, as the rhetorical debates are endless [and wasteful].

2015’s $329 Billion Renewable Energy Investment Is A Big Deal – On The Surface,    February 2016

Excerpt – “Europe continues to plug along in renewable energy deployments. However, at present, the financial impacts of bearing the high costs of early technology deployments and bringing economy of scale confidence to the global markets has impacted deployment rates substantially.  The rates vary from country to country; from steady but depressed increases in Germany and Denmark, to slight increases in France as it has decided to phase down nuclear; to worst case scenarios, zero new deployments in Spain.

Cultural Energy Understanding

Excerpt – “If we were to accept the caveat… that China is a phenomenon of scale, most people, even the Chinese, have a difficult time comprehending, we can categorize the remainder of the world and their understanding of energy into three groups based on several to many contiguous generations of experience. Without going into specific details, knowing historical statisticians could verify the following; and through the removal of individual examinations of the differing forms of governance, which tend to veil more than expose the underlying “boots on the ground” realities, we are left with the influence of energy availability as it manifests itself into the majority cultural identity.