Michel Gelinas, President Fondation 3E

I made Hans’ acquaintance through LinkedIn, in 2014, which led to private exchanges and conversations that developed into a professional and personal relationship spanning over several years.  As a former mature student of the MBA program at HEC/Montral, I am particularly aware fo the important contribution that Hans can make to the [organization].

Hans has extensive knowledge of the vast array of energy systems issues, ranging from energy and power densities, intermittency and power quality, to LCAs (and carbon footprint), LCOEs, ELCA (joules) and EROI.  Hans has demonstrated a unique appreciation of how geography and resources availability dictate energy system choices, underpinned up critical appraisal skills relating to the use of customized technology applications as they relate to specific needs and circumstances.

Perhaps most importantly, Hans has the ability to engage colleagues and strangers, from various cultural backgrounds (from Cape Town and Bangalore to Toronto and Potsdam (NY)), in meaningful, substantive and respectful discussions on the central role of energy in the everyday activities of society characterized by supply deficiencies, consumption and policy choices, with a particular focus on the world’s ability to transition to a low-carbon society.

I have a deep appreciation of Hans’ motivation, strength and, more importantly, his contribution which will serve to enrich his [focus] and help fulfill the goals, vision and mandate of future [organizational] initiatives.  It is my sincere belief that any interdisciplinary program would gain from the active participation of knowledgeable and passionate individuals, who have a deep understanding of business practices, drawing from extensive fieldwork, both at home and abroad.  This unique perspective and awareness of global growing trends are essential, in my opinion, in helping organizations to move research results into real world practice with tangible and lasting relevance and impact.

In closing, I highly recommend Hans to the [organization] and I have no doubt that he will make a strong contribution to the [program].

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